1st Class 55mm Roller Garage Door

Ultimate Safety with compact dimensions

Secured by Design

All 55mm garage doors have the same features as the larger 77mm ensuring you have the latest technology in the tighter spaces. These features include:

Secure, Wireless Safety Edges
All 1stClass55 doors come with safety fitted as standard with our wireless safety edge solutions.

RTS Connectivity - Latest Radio Technology
Our full range of RTS wireless solutions enable easy operation of the 1stClass55 giving you full control wherever you need it.

Insulating Foam Filled Aluminium Laths Ideal for your garage if you want to use your garage as a work/play room or your garage is under a bedroom.

Fits All Shapes and Sizes Designed to fit a range of openings, the 1stClass55 gives even more flexibility.

Full Box (optional) The 1stClass55 comes as standard with half box with the option to upgrade to a full box

The ideal solutions for flat roof garages with no internal headroom. Both internal and external doors are available in laminate options, however the box and guides are not available in laminate finish. Where headroom is especially tight, the 1stClass55 offers all the features of the 1stClass77 but has been developed for situations with limited installation space. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a roller door in even more locations. The 1stClass55 only requires 205mm of headroom and is now available up to 3m wide

Rolixo Control Unit

Rollixo RTS
Introducing our new control unit. The Rollixo RTS is the complete solution for automating your garage door and works with our new range of keyfobs and wallSwitches. With an intergrated courtesy light, front panel door controls and intruder protection alarm

Keygo Remote
Our standard keyfob has just got better. The Keygo 4 RTS can control doors, gates, lights and more in one stylish handset. Doors are supplied with two transmitters as standard, with the option to purchase more if needed.
Secure Metal Keypad (IP54)
Introducing our new anti-vandal keypad for secure garage door operation. With a metal case and secure smart rolling code technology, this keypad gives you peace of mind for secure access to your garage.
Wireless Key Switch
This externally wall mounted key switch allows operation without the use of a hand transmitter and is an alternaitve to our keypads.