Secured by Design

All of our Roller Doors are secured by design ensuring peace of mind to you. Your garage and its content will be safe and secure.

Secured By Design

Secured by Design

The only form of national police accreditation for security products. Secured by Design (SBD) is the UK Police flagship initiative that is founded on the principles of designing out crime and crime prevention.

At the core, SBD aims to bring together elements of physical security with environmental design, layout and construction of homes and commercial premises, town centres, schools, hospitals and car parks. In doing so SBD supports one of the Government’s key planning objectives: the creation of secure, quality places where people wish to live and work.

Product Accreditation To achieve Secured by Design accreditation, manufactures must ensure that their products meet the minimum security standards specified by SBD. Once a products has been tested and certified to the relevant standard, the company may apply for SBD membership. On approval, all member companies benefit from the use of the Secured by Design logo on their approved products. The use of the SBD ‘Police Preferred Specification’ logo quickly identities to Specifiers and the public the quality and resilience of the security products without the need to understand complex technical papers