Security Shutters

1st Class Security Shutters

Security & Shading
The 1stClass range of security shutters provides a simple solution to shading and security. An increasingly important aspect of modern life is home security. 1stClass shutters are designed to provide a physical barrier to entry and a strong visual deterrent when lowered, yet their compact design is unobtrusive when open. On sunny days partial lowering of the shutter offers temperature control through shading. 1stClass shutters are suitable for domestic and commercial windows and doorways. Classic and contemporary colours offer a sympathetic finish for any setting along with flexible control of operation, easily tailored to suit your requirements.

New remotes and wall units
Introducing a new range of RTS wall switches & remote handsets to suit your needs and surroundings. From the new Smoove wall switch through to the Telis remote, 1stClass has an option for you.

Two security levels All shutters have an extruded anti-lever aluminium bottom lath. The 1stClass44i shutter curtain is constructed from roll formed, foam lled aluminium lath which is ideal for domestic shading and low security applications. The 1stClass44e profile offers higher security with all extruded high strength aluminium laths to the shutter curtain. 1stClass shutters employ 53mm guide channels in extruded aluminium with a box section for secure xing to masonry. A 66mm guide is available for increased security applications.

Motorised or manual as standard
All 1stClass Window Shutters are available as either motorised or manually operated. There are many options available on motorised 1stClass window shutters, including "hold to run" and group command.

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